Friday, December 19, 2008

Truman's 5th Birthday

I haven’t bloged much lately, there just seems to be so much going on and when I have an extra minute I just want to rest, not be on the computer. Also, I have “misplaced” my camera.

Yesterday was Truman’s 5th birthday!!! We went to Colton’s for dinner or as Truman calls it “the place where you throw peanuts on the floor.” The wait staff had Truman stand on his chair as they announced that it was his birthday. I thought he would be shy but oh no – he was THRILLED everyone was looking at him. They also gave him a HUGE ice cream shake, which he would NOT share with anyone. He had a great birthday.
I couldn't get the picture to turn...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I guess I should have explained a little more...

After much contemplating about the house next door we decided it was not our “dream” house. It was just too much money for us to spend with having so many doubts. So, our plans changed.

Our friend’s (Jason and Jamie) grandparents passed away earlier this year and their house has been setting vacant ever since. Long story short… Jason and Jamie want to move into her grandparents house. Their house is up for sale and as soon as it sales we have to move out so they can move in. Their house has been on the market since April and they have had no good leads. Once they sell their house and move in to the “Orchard” house (it is on Orchard Lane) they are going to renovate it.

We have decided to buy the empty lot on the other side of our house so we will still be across the street from Lois. We hope to start building ASAP however; we may not be able to start until this spring. Patrick plans on bring the contractor to help us save some money. If anyone has building talent let us know, we can use the help!!! Also, if you have time to help us look for a house plan that would be great! We don’t have internet at home anymore… I plan on going to the library to get some books but that takes time too… We want a 1 ½ story with 4 bedrooms. The master has to been on the main level. We could possibly have another bedroom on the main level and the other two upstairs, or three bedrooms upstairs. Other than that I am up for anything.

Update on the Move

This past Saturday was our big moving day. I am blessed that the weather was as nice as it was – if you can avoid it don’t move in December. Patrick and two of his friends moved the rest of the “big” stuff as I packed the “little” stuff. In the mist of packing, Claire had TWO birthday parties that day. I didn’t want her to miss them because we were moving so I made sure she got there.

We have been staying at the Orchard house since Saturday night. The kids have adjusted well so far. Claire and Truman are sharing a room and little Klein has his own room. The house is pretty nice for being an older house. It just smells like old people! I don’t think there is anything we can do about that unless we want to get new carpet and paint – that’s not going to happen.

The people who are moving into our house have been moving things in to the basement since last week. Today they are moving their furniture to the main floor. It has been very strange seeing other peoples stuff in MY HOUSE.

We plan to start looking at house plans after Christmas. It is just a crazy time for us right now, Patrick and his mom had birthdays this week, Truman’s birthday is next week, we are going to Springfield this weekend, I have to find time to do some Christmas shopping or I am going to have some very disappointed kids, oh I have to find time to unpack so we aren’t digging clothes out of boxes anymore!!

When I find my camera I will post a picture of the new place.