Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a Day/Night

I put the kids to bed about 20 minuets ago. Claire just came into the living room, for the second time, saying (she even had her fingers up in quotes) "can Truman and I play in bed for about 20 minutes? You know, he really needs to get his energy out!" This cracked me up!!!

In all honesty I have to give them a little break. Since we have been living in this house they have had to share not only a room but also a bed. They have been great sports through the last four months. And NO I did NOT let them "get their energy out."

Kind of on the same note... Jason and Jamie had a couple look at their house for a second time on Sunday. This couple has Jason's house in their "top two." By the end of the week this couple is too make their final decision. If Jason ends up selling his house that means we would have to move before our house is done. Where would we move??? Good question.

Way off the subject, I had a horrible day at work today. Why do adults have to act like children? I could go on and on but I really don't want to waist my energy on something like this. I would rather use my energy too pick chicken out of my teeth. Can you tell I just really need to be around my real friends. I can't wait to see Abby and Mandy next week!


Mandy said...

Hey, I am looking forward to it too!

Laura said...

Hey what about me??? I could come to Missouri on Thursday the 9th, and maybe the 10th. Wow I just invited myself to your fun time how rude was that.

Nana-Judy said...

Can I just give you a big hug?
((((((((( ))))))))

Sometimes you just have too many 'stresses' to handle, and you feel all alone with them. Just remember...God has big enough arms to hold you(all of us)and big enough shoulder for you to cry on(and us too!). He really cares about each thing in our lives--little annoying to HUGE--and really wants us to 'share' them with Him!
Love your positive attitude!

Abby said...

Laura unfortunately I will be down in Springfield by then. I am going to be in Sedalia on Tues Wed and well actually during the morning on Thurs and then heading down to Springfield in the afternoon.

Lori I can't wait to see you too! I am totally with you try to give the chicken in your teeth more thought and effort than those poo poo heads!

Karen said...

Lori I'm giving you a hug right now too! You have been an awesome friend for me through this awful time and I want you to know I'm hear to listen to your problems and worries too. Friendship works both ways!! Love you little twin! And wish I could be there to see you, Mandy, and Abby, and maybe Laura if she makes it up. Have fun ladies and think of me!! :O)