Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yet Another Surprise

Oh the joys of having a boy… I was getting Klein ready for his first bath in the bathtub yesterday. I has holding my “unclothed” little guy about to put him into the bathtub and well… check out the pictures and see.

He was unsure of the bath at first and then he decided he did like it.

As Claire, Klein, and I were about to leave for gymnastics class I had to change Klein’s diaper. As I was changing him he decided that he wasn’t done with his dirty diaper. You guessed it, I got it again and it wasn’t liquid this time!

I need too start doing a better job covering up my boy!


As I walked into Target on Monday, I got a phone call from Mandy. As soon I noticed it was her I started to panic because I forgot she was going to visit me and Klein today. She said that she was running late – therefore I had time to shop. However, when I arrived at home she was already there! How did she beat me????

Lauren was playing on the back porch so I ran inside and opened the back door for them to come in. To my surprise my other best friend, Laura was here too!!!! She drove all the way from Illinois to meet Klein!!! Wow was I ever surprised!

Thank you Mandy and Laura for visiting. I really enjoyed seeing you guys! Also, I need to say thank you to Laura’s family for making the long trip so Laura could visit with me and Klein. You all are the best!!!

Karen and Abby – I’ll see you all next week right???

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The New(est) Bonnot

Bonnot, version 3.0, was released 9/16/2008. The new program otherwise known as Klein Patton Bonnot features 18.25 inches of ram, 7 lbs, 14 oz. of megahertz and an additional fuzzy head of hair for pure, unadulterated speed. Made for gaming, this packet of goods screams for goodness to let us know of his desire for clear performance. The producer, Lori, is hanging in there and awaiting a 6 week upgrade. After the release, the companion computer had this to say..."whew!"

Bonnot 3.0 will be released to the general public on 9/18/08 at which time the companion will post pictures made during and after production (not those kind you gutter heads!). Because of the early release (13 days before the doctor said it would be here) we will post plenty of pictures later.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

La Visita de Missouri

The Tour of Missouri came to town yesterday and showed the midwest what it means to be free of the use of foreign oils. Well, sort of. For every rider there seemed to be a european station wagon and a full sized van. Maybe next year for as much as this thing costs the state of Missouri, they can bring solar cars.

Regardless, over a hundred racers from around the world entered Jefferson City from the East and did a couple of "circuits"...laps, downtown. Our city hosted the end of the hundred mile race, stage four. Needless to say, the racers were a little tired by the time they hit the Capital City. I'd always assumed that the riders would fly by you on level ground at 35 m.p.h. I think where they passed our positions, Claire could have passed them on a big wheel.

Watching these things is not nearly as productive as going here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby Shower

My Fulton friends got together and had a baby shower for Sweet Pea. The kids had the option of going with me or going to the MU football game. Well, of course Truman wanted to go to the MU game and Claire wanted to go with me.

I got a lot of really nice things and Claire and I had a great time. It was nice seeing my friends since I don’t get to see them very often.

I am 37 weeks today and I don’t feel any different than I did last weekL

Thursday, September 4, 2008


For those of you who don’t know, we are huge Mizzou fans. We enjoy going to their games, hey we even named our child after their mascot. Well, Patrick has taken it a step further. We now have to decorate the yard for game day! I took this picture two days after the big MU vs. IL game, we did have our MU flag out on game day.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Crib

We put Sweet Pea's crib up this weekend! When the boys were putting the crib together I looked at it and just cried. My emotions have been all over lately, just ask Patrick. I am very thankful that I have a loving family who just humors me when I get a little out of control.

I am 36 weeks today. I went to the doctor yesterday and everything is great. I gained 3 pounds in the last week thanks to my mother-in-law for sending 13, yes 13, candy bars to my house. I am ¾ of them!!! I am dilated to a 1. Only 9 more centimeters to go!